A Sneak Peek at Our NEW Product Line (!) Part 1

That’s right … Hot off The Factory floor!

(PART 1)

We are currently developing  an exciting new line of Virtual Production tools that will …

HEY – Hang on! Not so fast … 

If we told you exactly what they’ll do, then it wouldn’t be new and exciting anymore, would it?

We’re still in development on some of the technology and don’t really want to talk about it until we figure it out ourselves … but, we’ve allowed this official ‘LEAK’ to the press so that, at the very least, you will know that something really cool is on the way!

We call it the “Syncro-Link” line of (as the tag line suggests) “Frame-Locked, zero-delay metadata for virtual production …”


That’s what we call it, alright!

Developed for use with the Premista lens, Syncro-Link bridges the gap between XD Lenses and rendering engines … say no more!

Watch This Space

(and the website) for more details, photos, technical specs, testimonials and pricing,

as the story unfolds. 

And of course, we’d be happy to talk about Syncro-Link anytime – if you can’t wait for printed details and just need to hear a human voice wax intellectual about this awesome new invention, well – you know what to do: Just click on that link up there on the upper right, CONTACT … and … make contact! We love to talk shop.

(END of PART1)


“Simple, Cheap … and Cool” Cinematic Look

In order to kick off this NFL season, Fox Sports, always a champion of new technology, wanted to add a film-like visual aesthetic mixed into the live broadcast.

Using an inexpensive gimbal setup, they managed to create “cool” (as stated by viewer feedback) cinematic looks.

Great article … read it all (including photos and Tweets) HERE

What we may have here is a new-for-2021 trend to do live TV using shallow depth of field cameras to get the cinematic look. 

Camera “autofocus” can get pretty tricky when hunting for focus – we believe that these trailblazing new ideas and methods could really benefit from The Factory’s knowledge and expertise … we know things … we can help to pull it off smoothly and deliver Picture Perfect results … so, c’mon


Just look at those broad smiles – and why not? Happy Factory workers LOVE Sports of all kinds AND they REALLY love supporting the Sports Broadcaster, on any given game-day!

Happy New Year/Gear from Factory Optic!

We’ve decided to let our attorney, Ernie, do the first-post-of-the-year honors, so, take it away, ‘E’ – give us your best Opening Statements – unless you want to cut straight to the Closing Argument …

Thank you, Doris  … Hello everyone … well, what can I say about this past year? Tough one … oh, hold on – I know: Have you ever wondered why pizza is round, comes in a square box and is eaten as triangles? Well, for me that sorta sums up 2020 … perhaps it’s a year best left in the past as we look to the future with confidence. 

With the health, safety and well-being of our staff as our top priority and guiding light, we cancelled our traditional Holiday Party and annual New Year’s Eve Bash – no way to remain socially distant at those events so, no ‘Photo Booth’ pictures to share with you this year – but we did dig up some highlights from past events (see below) to keep the spirit and tradition alive.

On that note – here’s to 2021 – a year that will see many comebacks, as our industry turns the corner and begins to gear up for a hearty round of new production. And speaking of gearing up, it is, in fact, ‘Happy New Gear’ for many of our TV Production Rental Company friends who are enjoying the buying power of a new budget for a new year. As that gear arrives, remember that the innovators at Factory Optic are here to help – we excel at inventive behind-the-scenes technology design so, don’t forget to work us into your 2021 plans. There, I think I managed to get that somewhat shameless plug in there rather seamlessly. And legally. 

All the best to you and yours as we embark upon a new journey together. Hope to see you soon, visiting our site, touring the Lab, having a quick bite at the Commissary and generally mingling with the Crew … and if I don’t see you on the Factory floor, I’ll see you in court! 


Ernest Lee-Lyle Littygate, Esquire

Happy Factory New Year!
Table-dancing represents only one of a myriad of fun activities offered at our wild NYE parties of the past. Here’s to 2021 … Happy Factory New Year to you and yours – from us and ours!

Production will find a way …

At the dawn of a new era in filmmaking, PRODUCTION, fueled by clever determination, will find its way back. In the meantime, your favorite fall TV shows may look normal, yet making them in a pandemic is anything but. 

We enjoyed THIS ARTICLE on subject from The Washington Post and would like to share it with you.

It took some time to invent and perfect the first TV. And, getting through this pandemic will also take some time but, we are certain that production will be back – all the way back – and, all along the way you’ll find the unique and shot-specific inventive talent of Factory Optic – extraordinary innovation for a New Era Industry.

Innovation First at The Factory
Inventive talent – It’s ALWAYS “Innovation First” at The Factory

“Forced” to bring new technology to sets …

Here’s a GREAT ARTICLE that is right in our wheelhouse! A new pandemic-created company called  Solo Cinebot, Inc. uses a custom robotic camera to help film stars appear remotely for marketing campaigns, as well as for corporate communications by chief executives.

Robotics is a Factory Optic specialty. We are one with the technology and excel at making the impossible happen, routinely, with extraordinary innovation for a New Era Industry … and no need to “force” us to do it!

Factory Optic and Robotics are ONE!
Factory Optic and Robotics are ONE!

“Production companies need to get back to work …

… but must do so in a way that prioritizes health and safety for all personnel. And with this program [COVID FILM CERTIFICATION] production companies and studios can welcome their employees back with peace of mind, knowing that each person is fully informed on how to safely navigate production during this pandemic.”

Executive producer / Program Creator Franco Porporino Jr.

READ full article here.

Factory Optic, with its unique brand of bespoke inventiveness, is aware, prepared and equipped to support this and all other efforts to get our industry back to work in full force, because …

Expedited innovation …

… within the Television and Film Industry and at Factory Optic:

“You’re seeing all film studios, not just ours, have to suddenly look with pretty open eyes and be willing to think about any option there may be out there …”

READ more in this informative FORTUNE article as it details the innovative use of XR Stage/Virtual Production – a discipline that offers a myriad of opportunities for Factory Optic to display inventive design …

The Show Must Go On!

Following global shutdowns of film and television productions – which then prompted a major shuffling of release schedules – both Hollywood and the industry at large are ready to get cameras rolling again. Large-scale productions including the Avatar sequels and Jurassic World: Dominion have resumed filming. 

Factory Optic is ‘Standing By’ ready to outfit any Television or Cinema Production with its special brand of inventive one-of-a-kind custom-crafted technical innovations and solutions

Production Power!

“Now that Factory Optic has arrived on the scene, things will definitely get back on track … with this type of time-tested personal craftsmanship and thoughtful design expertise, the sky really is the limit. Wait – maybe there are no limits, now … So glad to have these guys here, in this market – the timing is just right!”

Strong Track Record!

Factory Optic? What’s this? Something new and completely different? A new Company or a technical consultancy, maybe? Sounds interesting … Sounds like a fun group. I like the name … and the logo. Especially the logo. Well, rumor has it that these guys are the ones to watch and, since there’s so much TV that needs to be made (to watch) right now, it’s a good thing they’ve come along.

Three cheers for Factory Optic!