Here’s a quick word from our Factory Legal Counsel, Ernest Lee-Lyle Littygate.

You all remember “Ernie”, right? We like to call him “Ernie The Attorney”Take it away, Ernesto …

Thank you, Doris – just a few quick reminders and updates for you …


This fine website is the property of Factory Optic, more or less, Copyright ©2021. All rights reserved – well, that is, if they actually had any rights left after that last incident – but, no need to get into that again …


No further updates. Factory hours remain the same as always – but for those still asking, please note that Factory Optic is open 23/6/312 (correct: that is 23 hours a day and six days a week – and yes, everyone is deeply grateful for that precious hour off that we all get every single work day … not to mention the combined 52 days off – that’s every Sunday of the year – generously granted by Management).


I’d like to share these changes with you – but, they’re private! Get it? A little Legal Levity, there … Seriously, I have made a few updates and corrections that are not in violation of your privacy – as a matter of fact, there is nothing PRIVATE about this policy so, I may even change the name to “Public Policy” but, that will be a future update.


There have been many, many cards, letters and phone requests demanding – ah, no – change that – I meant to say ‘asking’ what our actual physical street address is … I find this curious since all these cards and letters are coming to that address, every day – and, for that reason, I see no need in publishing it at this time – since you all seem to already know it.


Yeah, I can’t even believe I have to address this point, but, some comments have been made suggesting that certain parts of The Factory website are “silly” and lack “character” – well, let me tell you – there’s no way said “parts” can lack character since they’ve all been written BY characters – the real-life kind! You see, it’s true – certain members of the Crew – perhaps certain members with a little too much time on their hands – have been allowed to post articles and updates and, well, that’s what happens, I guess. They mean well. It’s been said that “laughter is the best medicine”, and Lord knows we need all the best medicines we can get as we battle the global pandemic – although, seems to me that something actually has to be funny to generate laughter, right? As I said – they mean well. But, please let me assure you, Jokesters aside, Factory Optic is VERY serious about its work and its deep commitment to the customer. Our work stands alone. We didn’t win all of those awards for our jokes, that’s for sure!

That is all. Be safe and don’t forget the eye protection – especially when reading the website.