As the HOMEPAGE states, we are:

“A consultative resource in the application of concept-to-reality technology design … Award-winning bespoke craftsmanship, across every production discipline, within the Entertainment Industry …”

– Brain-washed Factory worker

Challenge us with your ideas and show us your napkin sketches! We will use our trade craft, focused on your specific needs across the full spectrum of entertainment production, to provide both a glimpse of the future and an innovative engineered solution.

• Creative Product Design and Innovation • Rapid Prototyping and Iteration • Motion Control • Robotics • Remote Solutions • Specialty Camera Systems • Television / Film Production • Broadcast Sports • Live Event • Electronic Hardware Design
• Embedded Software Development • Electromechanical • Optomechanical  • Underwater • Fiber Optics • Power Systems

Factory Showroom A
Factory Showroom B