“I could use an extra pair of hands … “

Definition 1: Another person [or tool / device] who can help you to do something :: example: “An extra pair of hands will make this job that much easier.”

– macmillan dictionary

Okay, well … we can’t come up with a way to create more [human] hands for you – but, we did invent something that will help you do much more with the two that you already have … that’s right, we have (once again) found a way to “make the job that much easier” when it comes to synchronizing multi-camera arrays in complex camera set-up situations. And, because you asked for it – it now exists …


Shooting plates for VFX and need to ride iris on more than 4 lenses? 

Want to add a focus motor to your array so you’re not stressing about a lens barrel getting bumped?

Need a new solution? Well, then, it’s time to have a look at the new Factory Optic


Ideal for complex camera setups such as 3D or multi-camera arrays Drive up to 32 lens motors from a single Preston Hand Control!

Our newest bespoke production tool is made to order and customizable.

The SYNCRO-LINK SERVO32 allows you to replicate control over multiple Preston Cinema MDRs with a single hand unit. Works with MDR-2, MDR-3 and MDR-4 motor drivers. SERVO32 makes it possible to connect up to 7 additional MDRs to your system, giving you the ability to control up to 32 lens motors. Control iris on 32 lenses or configure it to replicate focus and iris channels on up to 16 prime lenses, all from a single Preston Cinema hand unit. Additionally, you now have the ability to map up to 28 replicated lens motors with individual lens maps per motor. This allows you to use lenses with non-identical lens barrels and even lets you mix and match your lenses. You can shoot in confidence that all lenses are hitting the same mark as your hand-set.


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The newest member of the ever-growing Factory Optic SYNCRO-LINK Family … available today. CONTACT us for more detail

Read the official SERVO32 Press Release HERE