So, Would You like ANOTHER Peek (?) Part 2

Well, of course you would! Who wouldn’t want to see and know more about our very latest Virtual Production Tool – hot off The Factory floor?

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That’s right – here is a little more on our current coolest production tool-in-the-making. Check out it’s “Plan View” …

Made you look!

See? We told you it was cool!

What? Details? You want more info? Like what do we mean by saying “Zero-Delay”? Well, using the same video genlock provided to the camera, the SYNCRO-LINK MARK-ZERO, synchronized to the camera shutter, always samples the metadata at the same time that the camera shutter is opened providing live action camera metadata with the highest accuracy with respect to frame timing and latency. 

The SYNCRO-LINK MARK-ZERO can connect to lenses with Zeiss eXtended Data, which provides all typical lens values (focus distance, T stop, focal length, entrance pupil position, depth of field with near and far focus, and hyperfocal distance), as well as the Fujinon Premista zoom lenses and Zeiss Supreme prime lenses (which support Zeiss eXtended Data), and can also provide lens distortion and shading/vignetting data. 

And, as before, we’re always happy to talk about Syncro-Link (no matter how busy we are) so, if you can’t wait for the plethora of printed materials ***in the works as we write*** oh, wait … here’s one right now … click on the image below to see a “MARK ZERO” Fact Sheet) …

… now, where were we? Oh yeah … if you can’t wait for the plethora of printed materials still in the works to bone up on this classy technology breakthrough … or … if you simply need to hear a human voice wax intellectual about this awesome new Factory innovation … or … if you just need someone to talk to … well – you know what to do: Just click on that link up there on the upper right … yeah, that’s it – the one that says “CONTACT” in all caps … and … make contact!

We love to talk shop!

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