A Sneak Peek at Our NEW Product Line (!) Part 1

That’s right … Hot off The Factory floor!

(PART 1)

We are currently developing  an exciting new line of Virtual Production tools that will …

HEY – Hang on! Not so fast … 

If we told you exactly what they’ll do, then it wouldn’t be new and exciting anymore, would it?

We’re still in development on some of the technology and don’t really want to talk about it until we figure it out ourselves … but, we’ve allowed this official ‘LEAK’ to the press so that, at the very least, you will know that something really cool is on the way!

We call it the “Syncro-Link” line of (as the tag line suggests) “Frame-Locked, zero-delay metadata for virtual production …”


That’s what we call it, alright!

Developed for use with the Premista lens, Syncro-Link bridges the gap between XD Lenses and rendering engines … say no more!

Watch This Space

(and the website) for more details, photos, technical specs, testimonials and pricing,

as the story unfolds. 

And of course, we’d be happy to talk about Syncro-Link anytime – if you can’t wait for printed details and just need to hear a human voice wax intellectual about this awesome new invention, well – you know what to do: Just click on that link up there on the upper right, CONTACT … and … make contact! We love to talk shop.

(END of PART1)