“Simple, Cheap … and Cool” Cinematic Look

In order to kick off this NFL season, Fox Sports, always a champion of new technology, wanted to add a film-like visual aesthetic mixed into the live broadcast.

Using an inexpensive gimbal setup, they managed to create “cool” (as stated by viewer feedback) cinematic looks.

Great article … read it all (including photos and Tweets) HERE

What we may have here is a new-for-2021 trend to do live TV using shallow depth of field cameras to get the cinematic look. 

Camera “autofocus” can get pretty tricky when hunting for focus – we believe that these trailblazing new ideas and methods could really benefit from The Factory’s knowledge and expertise … we know things … we can help to pull it off smoothly and deliver Picture Perfect results … so, c’mon


Just look at those broad smiles – and why not? Happy Factory workers LOVE Sports of all kinds AND they REALLY love supporting the Sports Broadcaster, on any given game-day!