Happy Factory – (Belated) – Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Yeah, sorry … we ALMOST missed this one!

Busy … busy … busy! Almost forgot what day it was! Unfortunately, due to backed-up delivery dates and an over-abundance of product demand, we all had to work straight through the Thanksgiving week – and yes, even on Thanksgiving Day!

No worries – Freddy The Foreman – the kind-hearted Leader that he is – allowed us listen to a radio broadcast of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – and that really helped!

Oh, and even though our BOSS has left the country (traveling to parts unknown … or maybe he was just looking for ‘parts‘ that we can’t seem to find around here …you know, ‘foreign parts’ … imports … well, anyway, he surprised us all by having a load of Vegan Turkey Sandwiches heck, almost enough to feed everyone – delivered to the Factory Floor at lunch time on Thursday! Wow! What a guy! What a treat – he always rewards us for our hard labor …

You know, we can still see those Vegan Turkey Sandwiches come rolling down the line – some already bitten by certain eager workers, up the line, who were too busy to stop, grab and enjoy a whole one!

And, this year’s awesome treat certainly qualified as a fitting reward for us all having to come in and work the Holiday Week … Yeah, who cares that he failed to include any of the fixings and garnish … like maybe, at the very least, potato salad or macaroni salad – or, bread … or water … and napkins …

Well, no matter – sometimes a good, well-made Vegan Sandwich is just enough, you know what we’re sayin’ over here?

Well, enough of this chit-chatting- it’s back to work for this crew! Here’s hoping that all of you, out there in Internet Visitor’s Land, hand a safe and peaceful Holiday … like we did – the Factory Floor is one of the safest places to be … when free food is in the air!

Happy Factory Thanksgiving Week to all of you!

P.S. We’ll be here if you need us!

Mmmmmm ... Vegan Turkey Sandwiches for All!
Mmmmmm … Vegan Turkey Sandwiches for All! Happy Factory Thanksgiving 2022