Humor from The Factory Floor

Two night-shift workers on the Factory Floor are talking among themselves.

The first worker tells the other, “I can make Freddy The Foreman  give me the night off.”

The second worker replies, “Impossible. He is unbending. So, how would you propose to do that?”

The first worker answers, “Just wait and watch.”

Pulling down one of the Factory chains, he hangs himself upside down from the ceiling.

Freddy The Foreman stops in his tracks as he makes his rounds, takes a look up at the dangling worker and asks,

“What are you doing up there?!!”

The worker replies, “I am a light bulb.”

Freddy The Foreman then says, “Hmmmm … looks like maybe you have been working so much that you have gone a bit crazy. I think you need to take the night off.”

As the the first worker leaves, the second worker starts to follow him out. Freddy The Foreman stops him, saying, “Where do you think you are going?”

The second worker answers, “I am going home, too. I can’t work in the dark.”

Nothing quite as good as having a GOOD LAUGH on The Factory Floor! Well … Okay, maybe there’s a few better things … but not many!