Something New for 2022!

Are you shooting plates for VFX and need to ride iris on more than 4 lenses?  Want to add a focus motor to your  array so you’re not stressing about a lens barrel getting bumped? Need a new and creative solution?

Well, You’ve come to the right website.

Happy New Year (and New Gear) from Factory Optic! We just so happen to have a brand new, bespoke for you, production tool/product that will provide a solution!

Introducing the Factory Optic SYNCRO-LINK SERVO32!

Ideal for complex camera setups such as 3D or multi-camera arrays …

Drive up to 32 lens motors from a single Preston Hand Control! Our newest bespoke production tool is made to order and customizable. The SYNCRO-LINK SERVO32 allows you to replicate control over multiple Preston Cinema MDRs with a single hand unit. Works with MDR-2 and MDR-3 motor drivers.

The SERVO32 makes it possible to connect up to 7 additional MDRs to your system, giving you the ability to control up to 32 lens motors when using MDR-3s. By configuring the Preston Hand Unit to duplicate focus and iris channels, you can control focus and iris on up to 16 prime lenses, all from a single Preston Cinema hand unit!