We Got The Holiday Party Out of the way Early this year!

That’s right … in an effort to clear the decks (as it were) in anticipation of a very busy end-of-year (and knowing that we just may have to go to a four-shift December/January just to get everything finished, boxed and shipped), we thought it best to just sort of get that annual chore – oh, sorry, I meant to say “pleasure” out of the way early (for once) – instead of spending the whole month in anticipation.

So we actually closed down The Factory on Sunday, December 05, and threw our fabulous annual Holiday Bash – all day and into the night – instead of the usual planned work day. What a marvelous time everyone had! See the evidence below …

It was fun holding the party – well, more like parties, since many groups broke off to create their own mini-event in their own workspace where they could – well, what is the best way to put this? Ah, well, where they could just be comfortable being themselves and doing the things that they, themselves, like to do at parties – out of eye-and-ear shot of the Executives, of course!

Enjoy our photo montage as you watch every manner of worker celebrate the Happy Factory Holidays, right on the Factory Floor! And, that’s where we found some of them at 5:00AM Monday Morning when the whistle blew to mark the start of another productive work week! That’s right – flat out on the Factory floor! Well, at least these party-loving employees didn’t have to clock-in late that day …

We wish all of you a very happy holiday season and all the best to you as you come up on your individual parties (or, however you choose to celebrate) in the weeks to come – we are just happy to have ours behind us now so we can all get back to work and get caught up!


The Factory Holiday Party 2021
The Factory Holiday Party 2021