Are We Caught Up, yet?

Again, please accept our apologies for completely missing the month of July in FACTORY NEWS.

As explained in an earlier post, we were just too doggone busy to do anything else but just fill orders – we even had to employ (to use the term loosely) the so-called quote/unquote “creatives” from our so-called Art and Writing Departments – yeah, we put those idio oh, sorry, change that – those so-called brainy types to work downstairs on the Factory Floor – filling orders every day in July – well, sorta filling orders – I mean they’re all brain and no brawn that group – and well, we need brawn down there to … what? What was that? We have a quote coming in from Ernie [The Attorney]? Well, OK … putt’em through …

Yes, thank you – I’d like to take a moment, on behalf of senior management, to apologize to our loyal clients for our ‘radio silence’ during the 31 days of July – hang on … [Doris … July has 31 days, right?] Ah, yes … the 31 days of silence in July. I assure you, as busy as we ever get down there on the Factory Floor, now and in the future, we will always find a way to communicate our feelings to you, within the limits of the law, of course, and keep you apprised of our progress. The great demand that you have created for us has taken more resources than originally imagined – we’ve maintained a steady stride but, in July, at a slower pace. Although we appreciated the help of the ‘artists’ and ‘writers’ during the crunch time, we probably would have been better off having them stay upstairs doing whatever they do … and now, in August, as we pick-up the pace, I’m glad to announce that these creatives will be working on getting new messages out to you, with greater consistency and at a much faster pace. [Doris, do you think I’ve said the word “pace” too many times in this speech?] … Yes, well, it’s back to work and, as always, if I don’t see you on The Factory Floor, I’ll see you in court!

– Ernest Lee-Lyle Littygate, Esq

Well, thanks, Ernie – we’re so glad to have you as our attorney, legal counsel, third baseman of the softball team and corporate spokesperson. 

Well, like the man said – it’s back to work and, here’s to our best summer, yet – lots of great stuff happening down there and, don’t worry – we’ll keep you posted!

The Factory Floor: All work and no play? Perhaps not. Working Hard … or … Hardly Working – July 2021