So, What the heck happened in July?

Yes, we are all fairly certain that you’ve noticed our big, wide EMPTY “July” section – no posts – no news … no NOTHING.

Okay! Okay! We get it … we get it! Sheesh! Rub it in our faces, why don’t you? We were all downstairs helping Freddy [The Foreman] to get the orders out and, as a result of that effort, there was NO marketing, NO press releases or public relations … and certainly NO snappy, clever and witty articles written and/or published … was there? Well, hopefully, now you will appreciate our little contribution to the BIG machine … and going forward – unless we are pressed to go back downstairs again – we pledge to get back on track with the very best of our clever and witty news releases and case studies … every month, from now on … OKAY?

– Disgruntled member of The Writing Staff

Well, for the record, please note that there was plenty of activity and lots of news – it’s just that the entire Factory was on double-platinum overtime all month to try to keep up with the demand! That’s right, we even had to draft our near-useless art department and writing department – mandated that they put down their pens and pencils and head straight on down to the Factory Floor, grab a hard hat and get busy! That’s right – EVERYONE was involved in the task of getting product out the door! And everyone did their part to help meet the demand.

With the SYNCRO-LINK line catching on and getting rave reviews, we realized that we needed to step it up to keep production ahead of the other non-SYNCRO-LINK projects building up in the pipeline. And, although our team of so-called artists and writers aren’t really career ‘line-level’ workers, they did their best to contribute helping hands while staying well out of the way of the real ‘hard hats’ …

With  everything back on track now, they are preparing to release some current news and backlogged articles so, as we say in TV:

“Please stand by …”

All in a Day’s Work? Hope Not! Working Hard … or … Hardly Working … at The Factory, July 2021

Working hard … and … Hardly working … at the Factory, July 2021