This post is actually a true DOCUMENTATION of a recent pre-production test held on June 08, 2021, using multiple well-known equipment brands – including Zeiss and Fujinon – and offering a front row seat / first look at FACTORY OPTIC’s NEW SYNCRO-LINK MARK-ZERO – as the title suggests, “in action”. The story is presented in a series of email excerpts from the producer (we will call him “Producer X” for reasons of privacy) to various equipment manufacturers. Let’s drop in on the conversation


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Email #1

Producer X: We have partnered with a state-of-the-art facility called Studio Lab which is the most advanced virtual production studio in the region. We are producing live-to-tape Unreal Engine Extended Reality (XR) LED virtual production content.

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Email #3

Producer X: (writing to Fujinon)
We are collaborating with your counterparts at Zeiss on a marketing case study featuring Supreme Primes with eXtended Data (XD) for a process to be used in an upcoming TED Talk digital transformation. The workflow features three VariCam 35 and five Supreme Primes. We would also like to feature your Premista19-45mm for two reasons: it’s a spectacular zoom lens, and it offers the innovative XD format required for our real-time XR LED virtual production workflow. We have secured that Premista and the Supreme Primes for our June 22-25 production dates.

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Email #5

Producer X: For the upcoming test, It would be tremendously helpful if you could ship a demo Premista19-45mm lens for workflow, content, and lighting testing at Studio Lab on Tuesday, June 8th.

Here is our XR LED virtual production workflow:

• Disguise Multicam Extended Reality (XR)

• OptiTrack Primex 41 camera tracking

• Panasonic VariCam 35 cinema cameras

• Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses with eXtended Data (XD)

• Fujinon Premista19-45mm zoom lens with eXtended Data (XD)

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Email #11

Producer X: Yes! Happy to provide photos and video. Our DP is excited to test the Premista19-45mm with eXtended Data, which is part of our real-time XR LED virtual production workflow. I would like to explore a partnership arrangement with you, alongside Panasonic, Zeiss, Epic, and Disguise, who are participating with their PR firms in this TED Talk virtual production marketing case study:

TEDxCambridge Key Partners and PR Firms

Racepoint / Panasonic (cinema cameras)

Battery / Epic Games (Unreal Engine)

Battery / Disguise (XR media server)

Zeiss (cinema lenses)

Neoscape (Unreal Engine production design)

Civic Entertainment Group / TEDxCambridge

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Email #12

Vendor Y:
(editor’s note: “Vendor Y” is actually FACTORY OPTIC, who does not wish to remain anonymous … and “Y” – or, “why” Factory Optic? Because they are the only technology company that offers the SYNCRO-LINK solution!)

“A demo? A demo of SYNCRO-LINK for a TED Talk? Sure thing … you bet! Heck – I just happen to have one right here on my desk! As soon as I finish my coffee and donuts, I’ll run downstairs and ship it out to you … today!”

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Email #14

Producer X: Thank you very much for the introduction to Factory Optic and Gary Adcock! We had a fantastic 1.5-hour conversation about XD metadata and Factory Optic’s exciting SYNCRO-LINK solution. They will be shipping a demo unit to Studio Lab so that we can test it with your Premista19-45mm on June 8th.

__ __ __  

Email #17

Producer X: Thank you for sharing the SYNCRO-LINK MARK-ZERO demo unit! We connected it with the VariCam 35 Premista19-45mm on the jib. Separately, I’ve sent you a folder with photos and in it, you’ll find a great shot of our production team marveling at the SYNCRO-LINK! …

… I will connect you with the Studio Lab technical team, who will be conducting in-depth XD metadata tests with the VC35 and Zeiss Supreme Primes for these XR LED virtual production tests. Please let me know if you have any questions or recommendations …

Oh, and I must tell you, beyond the technical specs, the SYNCRO-LINK build quality is outstanding!

__ __ __

Email #20

Producer X: We tested your Premista19-45mm with the VC35 yesterday at Studio Lab with dual-LED frustums:

• Sticks VC35 A: Zeiss Supreme Prime 35mm

• Sticks VC35 B: Zeiss Supreme Prime 65mm

• Jib VC35 C: Fujinon Premista19-45mm with
Synchro-Link XD solution

The SYNCRO-LINK XD solution that Factory Optic has developed is a game-changer. It unlocks some exciting AR applications we will explore for the fall shoot ...”

End of email excerpts. 

So, without naming too many names, these excerpts tell a great story, as the testing was accomplished. It’s a success story for SYNCRO-LINK, recommended here by Fujinon as a cutting edge metadata solution to be explored within this set of tests. We thank him/them for the referral and the opportunity to both expose SYNCRO-LINK capabilities to the real world in real time and to help / partner with this TEDx technology group, in advance of the TEDxCambridge production dates.

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