From The Factory floor: The very latest news on SYNCRO-LINK  production – direct from Nick, the Night Shift Foreman. Take it away, Nick at Night:

“Well, obviously, we are working day and night to bring SYNCRO-LINK to you – I’m happy to announce that we can now stream about 38 data values from the Premista lens over Ethernet at frame-rates from 23.98 up to 60, while doing the distortion conversion.

The plan, going forward, is to spend the next 2-3 weeks finalizing the product documentation, product packaging, preparing the web storefront, and completing the first batch of units to be ready to ship on  or about 31 May.

We’ll be limiting the first production run to 8-10 units, with a second production run to follow by July. We have a unit expressly for demo right now, but we’d prefer to engage in local demos at first, so that we can be present to answer any questions in real time.

I’m looking forward to a successful product launch and getting involved in much more virtual production – but, it’ll never happen if I keep giving out interviews and don’t get back to work – so, you’ll have to excuse me, now – the assembly line awaits me …”

Sorry folks – Nick was never known as an orator … there is a definite limit on the amount of consecutive words he’ll ever say but, we thank him for this brief update and look forward seeing SYNCRO-LINK roll off the assembly line, soon!