February Seemed Like One Big Holiday at The Factory …

Well, well, well … there you have it!

Yup, it’s true … February seemed like one big month of HOLIDAYS and, you’ll be pleased to note that, even though absolutely ZERO ‘time off’ was granted for any of the wonderful Holiday days that fell within the calendar month of February 2023 (“Time off? You gotta be kidding!” snorted the BIG BOSS from his cushy upstairs office … “Heck, we gave them all 15 minutes off for Thanksgiving … what more do they want!??!”) …

Yes … thanks for that … now, where were we? Oh yeah … ‘Upper Management’ was able to graciously grant and ‘extra’ FIVE (5) MINUTES to the morning break … tacked on to the State-Mandated 15-minute AM break time, creating an unprecedented TWENTY (20) MINUTE break for each and every joyous Factory Worker, on EACH of the February Holidays mentioned below:

February 02, 2023: Groundhog Day

February 14, 2023: Valentine’s Day

February 20, 2023: Presidents’ Day

February 28, 2023: Holi – India’s Festival of Color*

*This year, “Holi” actually occurs on March 08, but, feeling particularly generous and wanting to allow each employee to have that ‘extra’ 5-minute break FOUR times in the same month – or, once a week for the entire month – Upper Management (for once) did the right thing and allowed the team to celebrate Holi a week early … for 5 minutes, anyway.

What a wonderful, thoughtful and employee-friendly Management Team we have here at The Factory! Keep up the good work, all!

Until next time …