Here we go again!

Or, perhaps we should say: “HAPPY FACTORY NEW YEAR” !?!

Well, no matter how we say it, it doesn’t change the fact that the new year of 2023 is upon us and … you know … it is AOK to say “Happy New Year” right up to February 1st … we looked it up! See, the entire month of January is usually spent prepping for a new year’s worth of new activities and innovation … so, during that first 30 (or so) days, it is AOK to wish everyone around you a “Happy New Year” – as many times as you’d like. Heck, we’ve already said it FOUR times, right?

Well, no exception to the rule here, on the Factory Floor! We are busy – Busy – BUSY getting ready for our biggest and best year – ever!

So, WATCH THIS SPACE (as we like to say) … we’ll keep you posted as to the very latest happenings and announcements … beginning with ‘the return of QUICKTC, our super-cool Time Code evaluation device – a tool that you really need to have in your production tool box! By popular demand, we are bringing back a new batch of “QTC” units – with **REDUCED PRICING** as our ‘Happy Factory New Year’ special!

Stand by … Watch this Space for more details in the weeks to come!

Oh, and if you are planning to go out on your bike at night … wear white!