Happy Holidays from The Factory!

Making the best of it … Christmas Day 2022. All the best from us (always), to you, this Holiday Season!

Well, all things considered, it would have been better to maybe NOT come in to work on Christmas Day … but … deadlines are, in fact, deadlines, so … thankfully, our Happy Factory Workers know how to “make the best of it” (it’s what they do for a living, you know) so, all is well. Why, Senior Management was even kind enough to pop for a ‘mini’ Holiday Tree for us – just one for all to share, so … because of its diminished size, we just sort of move it around – each department gets it for an hour and a half and by morning, the entire Factory staff will have had the joy of sharing The Factory Tree for a bit. How thoughtful … and efficient – like everything else we do!

Special thanks to ‘the guys upstairs’ for thinking of all of us – down here – and, of course – ‘All the Best’ from US (always) … for YOU!

Have a healthy and safe Holiday week and, we’ll see you on the other side. Don’t worry … we’ll still be here. We run three shifts, 24/7.