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There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of!

Factory Halloween

Just another fun-filled, action-packed HALLOWEEN ROMP at The Factory!

Well, okay … since everyone came in wearing costumes … and NO ONE is working ANYWHERE on the Factory Floor … well … ah … um … er … OK … MAYBYE there might be a little something to be afraid of …

Heck, rumor has it that even THE BOSS (and we aren’t talkin’ Springsteen, here) has run off and left the country!

Oh well, don’t worry about production deadlines and shipping logistics … it’ll all be over soon … and everyone will be back on the clock … and on ‘the line’ … and working for YOU!

Happy Halloween 2022 from THE FACTORY!

Virtual Production Is Changing How Movies (and Careers) Are Made

Virtual Production is changing how movies (and careers) are made!

Yeah, we know it to be true, here, on The Factory Floor …

You don’t have to look hard to see how virtual production is taking the film, TV, and streaming industries by storm.

And like all new developments, the demand for qualified talent is high, while the availability of skilled people is low. This situation is compounded by roles that are constantly being refined and redefined.

So let’s take a look at what’s driving this incredible demand, and where opportunities can be found for newcomers and veterans alike. Starting with how we got here…

We found a pretty cool article to share with you … now, we can’t really tell you whether or not some of these productions (or all of them?) are using various models of Factory Optic bespoke products and inventions … well, that is, a lot of it is top secret highly sensitive stuff that we aren’t supposed to discuss in public forums or on our website – so, really … we can’t say anything – one way or another …

… without getting into some kind of proprietary information leak trouble.

… and other bad things.

Plus … it’s almost lunchtime here at The Factory – and, rather than keep writing, WE’D rather go eat … while YOU read on … Deal?

So, maybe you should just read the article because we know that you’ll enjoy it … because we did … READ IT HERE